Great progress on WebRTC project

We have WebRTC calls with video and audio up and working in Firefox!  WooHoo!  We are planning to demo our handiwork at IETF 83 in Paris next week.  We are still working hard to create multiple demos for IETF to show what is possible with this new feature.

In the meantime check out our first screenshot:

More exciting things are to come!!

Thanks to Anant Narayanan, Suhas Nandaku (pictured above), Eric Rescorla, Ethan Hunt, Enda Mannion, Culllen Jennings, and Randell Jesup for all their hard work to make this demo (and soon firefox feature!) a reality.  You guys so rock!!

2 thoughts on “Great progress on WebRTC project

    1. No, not yet. Last week we got our first calls in Firefox up and working. This week we showed some of our first calls publicly at IETF-83 in Paris. Once the team is back from Paris, we’ll be working hard to get this stuff in and stable. I’ll post here as soon as builds are available.

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