WebRTC for desktop is now in Nightly…

WebRTC for desktop is now in Nightly and will be in the first version of Aurora when it updates to Firefox 18.  We support getUserMedia, PeerConnection, and DataChannels.  We have a basic UI for getUserMedia which we expect to be updating in the coming weeks.

The code is behind a pref for now, pending more testing.  To enable our WebRTC code in Firefox’s Nightly desktop build, browse to “about: config” and change the “media.peerconnection.enabled” preference to “true”.  That’s it.

Bug reports are appreciated.  Please file them at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org under “Product:Core”, “Component:WebRTC”.  Here is a shortcut to file a WebRTC bug.

Our initial WebRTC demo page is here, and we expect to be adding lots more demos to it in the coming weeks.

If I seem in any way less enthusiastic than usual, it is only because I am exhausted.  🙂  This represents tons of hours of work from so many people on the Firefox team (too many people to name — especially because I’m afraid I’d forget someone — but you know who you are!!!).  Thank you to everyone who helped us land this “747” on the flight deck.

I’ll will try to blog regularly on our progress as we work to make this a great product feature for Firefox.