WebRTC for desktop is now in Nightly…

WebRTC for desktop is now in Nightly and will be in the first version of Aurora when it updates to Firefox 18.  We support getUserMedia, PeerConnection, and DataChannels.  We have a basic UI for getUserMedia which we expect to be updating in the coming weeks.

The code is behind a pref for now, pending more testing.  To enable our WebRTC code in Firefox’s Nightly desktop build, browse to “about: config” and change the “media.peerconnection.enabled” preference to “true”.  That’s it.

Bug reports are appreciated.  Please file them at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org under “Product:Core”, “Component:WebRTC”.  Here is a shortcut to file a WebRTC bug.

Our initial WebRTC demo page is here, and we expect to be adding lots more demos to it in the coming weeks.

If I seem in any way less enthusiastic than usual, it is only because I am exhausted.  🙂  This represents tons of hours of work from so many people on the Firefox team (too many people to name — especially because I’m afraid I’d forget someone — but you know who you are!!!).  Thank you to everyone who helped us land this “747” on the flight deck.

I’ll will try to blog regularly on our progress as we work to make this a great product feature for Firefox.

9 thoughts on “WebRTC for desktop is now in Nightly…

  1. Caspy7

    Marvelous! This is quite awesome and opens the doors to a very cool future and stuff we’ve never even thought of.
    In light of that I beg that your team (or Marketing?) please, PLEASE come up with some really great demos & examples/videos to show at launch.

    I feel like some great innovations that Mozilla has been behind or had a significant in, are 1) looked over by many (with some users/companies not yet discovering a killer app to capture the hearts/minds of netizens) and 2) Mozilla isn’t given it’s due credit. Mozilla stretches the minds of many by being a successful altruistic organization. It bucks many normal business/Tech trends (for one working so much in the open) and yet succeeds. The better opinion folk have of us, the better it is for our products and the people of the world. The better our reputation, the greater the weight of our words in Washington or in the business (desktop PC) sector or on Mom’s computer.

    I’m not saying we haven’t made good, worthy efforts before (Web O’ Wonder with Firefox 4), though I would argue a more simple, straightforward demo such as Google’s 3d Body Browser demoing WebGL – a pithy, not as varied, demo that folks will want to click on and see & share (an easier sell both from a headline and conceptually) – is a more successful approach creating a greater return on investment of resources.

    I think WebRT should have a demo website with a low barrier of entry and a demonstration that helps the user intuitively understand a part of the technology while using it and exclaiming “cool!”
    I realize that’s a bit of hand-waving (of a magic wand) on my part, but you get my point.
    It’s also important that for users who simply won’t budge to try the newest Firefox (or perhaps they can’t, they’re at work/on break/etc) can immediately click on a video showing what can be done, perhaps incorporating a greater variety of devices than the user has on hand, to accomplish something nifty.

    ….got carried away. 🙂 Anyway, awesome work guys!

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    1. We prefixed the API (mozGetUserMedia()) for the same reason Chrome did. The spec hasn’t been finished by the working groups and is subject (and likely) to change. Until the spec is fairly locked down, you’ll need to use polyfills for cross-browser compatibility.

  3. Royi

    Those are great news!!!
    I’m eager to see in a stable release as soon as possible.
    WebRTC based communication will be the next big thing.

  4. Royi Avital

    Those are great news.
    I’m eager to see it in the stable release as soon as possible.
    WebRTC based communication on the browser is the next big thing.

  5. nkgwj

    (Sorry in advance for my sadly poor English writing.I’m Japanese..)

    I:m very interested in WebRTC.
    Of course,I really appreciate all of your work.
    You are moving the web forward!

    I played with your demo and read your codes.
    then,I come across these code block:
    > pc1.connectDataConnection(5000,5001);
    > pc2.connectDataConnection(5001,5000);

    I go through the WebRTC spec.at W3C,
    but I cannot find any description for this.
    Am i missing something?
    Is this a Mozilla specific extension?
    What does these methods do?

    Anyway keep your great work!

  6. mhr42

    I don’t understand – the demo for dataconnection doesn’t work – it just doesn’t send anything, or at least it doesn’t appear so.

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